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• Diéta-fogyókúra ist der Bei der Behandlung.Drogen Rehab Klinik Dr Vorobiev medizinisches Zentrum in dem - Vorträge von Torsunov.

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The Ayurveda is an ancient science about a life. The Ayurveda is a source of health and happiness. The Ayurveda is the peace and harmony. The Ayurveda .

Oleg G. Torsunov, MD, is a public health specialist and world-famous writer and lecturer. In 1992 he graduated from the Samara Medical Institute, having .

The following audio and video lectures by Dr. Torsunov are currently available for download in English. There are plans to translate additional audio and video .

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Dr. Oleg Torsunov is an internationally renowned medical doctor (MD) and psychologist who has helped thousands of people worldwide through his clinical .

Dr. Luule Viilma, a "Pszichológiai betegség okai" című kézikönyv szerzője. Oleg G. Torsunov orvos, a "Betegségek kapcsolatával" című kézikönyv szerzője.